About us


Engineer (FH), Interior Architect
Member of the Chamber of Architects and of the BDIA
(Association of German Interior Designers)


Our strength is our experience. We successfully executed interior design projects in the fields of retail, gastronomy and living. We offer innovative and individual concepts, as well as effective and professional execution. Our motivation is to create customer-oriented and emotionally appealing experiences and brand worlds with a lasting impression.


As service providers the interests and requests of our clients are always the focus. It is our aim to discuss and work out the ideal solution together with you. An appreciative and respectful working atmosphere, an open and transparent way of working, as well as thoughtful execution with the customer`s wishes in mind is important to us.


Jutta Haberkorn: Interior Architecture study at the Fachhochschule für Technik Stuttgart and at the Middlesex University in London. During the studies internship and cooperation in the office Blocher Partners. 2002–2018 employed as a project manager, senior interior architect and team leader in the office Blocher Partners. June 2018 founding of Concept 108 GmbH.