At the present time retail stores transform an enormous change. Due to the digitalization online shopping is available 24/7.

Today it is not enough anymore to design “just a nice” store, but the interior design must be able to offer the customer a greater defined value than the internet.

We know how to develop authentic and individual concepts and how to position them properly on the market. We create the right atmosphere in the trendy young fashion concept, emphasize athletic features in sport worlds, and integrate exquisite highlights in high quality premium departments.


Delicious Food, conviviality and joy are the ingredients for successful gastronomy.

The concept of this Italian system gastronomy is a modern interpretation of the trattoria.

Italian herbs, the typical red-and-white checked fabrics which can be seen in conventional restaurants, decorative flooring tiles, as well as red lacquered kitchen chairs become a new interpretation and emphasize  the modern atmosphere of the traditional Italian trattoria.


Your own home should be a stress free world where you can always make yourself comfortable.

The layout of your home should be planned with the home owner always in mind. This is the basis for modern but also timeless architecture.

A thoughtful and well combined choice of colors and materials create a calm and high-grade interior concept which are made more casual by decorative elements.

And in the evening proper lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Due to warm light color as well as dimmable lights the light intensity and the light atmosphere could be personally adapted to the respective use of the room.

current project

residential house in Reutlingen

One of our current projects is a residential building in Reutlingen.
The existing building is being completely refurbished.
Material and color are important design elements to transform a room into a home.

The floor on the ground floor is characterised by an screed.
A colour concept reflects the green tone of the kitchen in the wallpaper.

In the bathroom, colour-coordinated materials and high-quality fittings were used.

A light parquet floor and visible wooden beams create a natural and pleasant atmosphere.

Completion August 2021

Retaildesign in Sindelfingen

A special key store.
Appealing drawn highlights set the shop apart from other shops…

…from the first sketch, through the 3D visualization to the finished shop…

…contrasts with the materials, light and color, attention to detail and functional design create an impressive spatial effect

Opening May 2021 Breuningerland Sindelfingen

Nursing home in Großerlach

Fresh colors greet the visitor and create a welcoming atmosphere.
Benches invite you to linger and and give the residents the opportunity to have community outside of their room.

Completion July 2021

Retaildesign in Rottweil

Modernization of the leather and bag shop Spitznagel in Rottweil.
Targeted highlight presentations and a new, modern cash desk provide good orientation for the customer…

…a seating area invites you to linger.
Atmospheric light gives the room a cozy touch

Opening September 2019 Rottweil

Retaildesign in Rottweil

The store welcomes the customer with a fresh yellow and a sea pine checkout counter.

This gives the room a warm effect and makes you want to go on your next summer vacation.

Opening September 2019 Rottweil